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What is causing the floorboards to make the squeaky sound?

Imagine trying to sneak in the kitchen for a midnight snack and waking up everyone in the house, due to sound of the creaky floorboards. Creaky floorboards can not only cause irritation to the people of the household but can also be embarrassing when you have guests come over.

The squeaky sound of the floorboards though annoying, it is not dangerous and does not pose a threat. It is also not an indication of structural damage. Let’s discuss what causes the floorboards to make the creaky sound.

  • Squeaky sounds are often caused because of the strained relationship between the floorboardsand the joists due to wear and tear.
  • In some cases it is also caused due to the floorboards rubbingagainst each other or due to chafingagainst the metal nails which hold the flooringdown.
  • Joists are incredibly strong and usually tend to last for decades. If the structure is old, it is possible that the joists may have warped over time, and could be causing the floorboards to creak.
  • Nails used to hold the flooringdown are of the wrong size. Or sufficient nails are not used during the construction of the floor.
  • Chances are that the floorboards may have been lifted in order to access the pipes or cables underneath, and may not have been replaced properly.
  • Seasonal change is also one of the main reasons that cases squeaky sounds. During winter, the squeaky sounds of the floorboards are more common. Winter causes dryness in the air. These dry conditionscause materials such as wood to shrink / contract. This results in the formation of small gaps between the boards.
  • Dry conditionscan also cause gaps around the nails, which is why nail pops are prevalent during winter.

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