Using A Steam Mop On Various Types Of Floors In Your House

Wooden floors :

Steam mops are best for wooden floors as there will be no streaky residue left on the floors. But all this is good only if the floors do not have any waxed surface. One should be careful not to mop vigorously, especially in uneven and older floorboards. There could be a risk of moisture entering in between the floor gaps. Whenever you plan to buy a steam mop to clean your wooden floors, search the one that has the option of changing the cleaning cloth easily and quickly.

Vinyl floors :

Vinyl is a durable and tough man-made material. It has an external appearance almost similar to that of laminate or tiled floors. It is not easy to clean vinyl floors, especially textured ones. This is because once dirt collects on them, it gets stuck onto it.

The perfect cleaning method to clean vinyl floors effectively and properly are steam mops. You will not have to get down on your knees and hands like when using a scrubbing brush. With very little effort you will manage to clean your floor. But it is best to pre-clean your floor if large amounts of grease and dirt have accumulated on it. Search for a vinyl-friendly mop.  Steam mops range from the Shark are best for cleaning vinyl floors.

Slate floors :

Steam mops are the best way of cleaning floors of slate. The steam can penetrate easily the grout that is used in between the tiles. Also, it helps make the tiles shine. Unlike scrubbing repeatedly,  steam will not damage the surface of the tiles. 

Before you use the mop, first sweep away the debris from the surface. This will make it easy to finish the cleaning task. A large head mop like the Gleam Steam 10 in 1, 1500w should be looked out for always. By making steam cleaning part of your routine daily, you will find your floors looking clean and beautiful, and that too by using very less effort.

Steam mop cleaning tips :

Distilled water and not tap water should be used. This will help prolong the filter’s life of the steam mops.

Dried stains can be removed from the tiles by having the mop move forward and backward many times, and by ensuring that there is enough steam.

These mops are not compulsorily carpet cleaners. However, carpets can be spot cleaned using them. Pet spills or accidents can be cleaned by having the area pre-treated with a good cleaner and then having the mop left standing on that area for a few minutes.

Steam cleaner various models have different attachments. For example, a plastic pointed end helps clean a toilet’s rim hygienically. Germs are thus killed instantly without using any chemicals.

You can iron your upholstery and clothes using the steam mop.

Wheelie bins leave a bad odor and attract flies when the weather is hot. To sanitize the bin, empty it and clean using a steam cleaner. All the odor will vanish.

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