How To Unblock A Toilet Without A Plunger

Let’s admit, almost every household has a plunger. But as luck may have it, there are times, when you may not have one or have one which is broken and not replaced, and have a clogged toilet at the same time.As terror inducing this situation sounds, we can assure you it is not insuperable.

Listed below are some easy hacks to deal with a clogged toilet without a plunger. To begin with, do not panic. Calm down. Take a few deep breaths.

Use hot water :

Hot water, really does mean hot water. Not tepid. Not boiling hot. Pouring lukewarm water in the toilet bowl will not be as effective enough to get the job done. Boiling water can cause the ceramic to crack. This will only worsen an already existing problem.

Slowly pour the hot water in the toilet bowl using bucket. Allow the hot water to sit for a few minutes. The heat of the water will help break the clog and let it to get flushed into the drain. If you do not get a satisfactory result the first time, you can repeat this process two to three times.

Use dish soap :

Grab a bottle of regular dish soap. Squeeze a generous amount of the dish soap into the toilet bowl. Leave it in for about half an hour. Before thirty minutes are up, you will see that water is beginning to drain. Do not panic if it takes longer. How fast the soap is able to break the clog down, depends on the severity of the clog. If you don’t have enough dish soap, you can use a shampoo as well (avoid using the shampoo if it is an expensive one or of a fancy brand).

Use epsom salt :

When you pour Epsom salt in a toilet bowl, it will cause a soapy, fizzy chemical reaction.This reaction will help disintegrate the clog. You can also use a bath bomb for the same result.

Use baking soda and vinegar :

Adjust the level of water in the toilet bowl. Ensure the toilet bowl is half way full prior to beginning the process. Pour a cupful of baking soda in the toilet bowl. Now pour a cupful of vinegar slowly in the toilet bowl. As the baking soda and vinegar react, this will create a fizz. Let the fizz sit in for about twenty minutes to half an hour.As the clog breaks down, the water level will reduce. You might even see bubbles due to the change in pressure. Once you see any of these signs, you can then flush the toilet.

Note: pouring the vinegar too quickly, then the reaction can cause a mess on the bathroom floor. In case it appears like one cup will cause too much fizz, you can either use less vinegar or pour slower than earlier.

If none of the above mentioned tricks work, then chances are that you might have plumbing problems like pressure issues or mineral buildup etc. These problems cannot be solved without professional service.

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