Types of Footstools

When you are shopping for a chair or a sofa, you generally tend to check how comfortable the furniture is, for your back. The comfort of the feet is usually overlooked. This is why it is highly recommended to use a footstool to support your feet. If your sofa or chair is high and your feet are not able to reach the floor, it causes muscle strain in the feet which in turn can lead to various health problems in the long run.

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your home interiors, there are numerous health benefits of using a footstool. It promotes blood circulation. Helps improve your posture so you don’t have to hunch in an attempt to keep your feet on the floor. They are also ergonomically ideal for individuals with a smaller height.

There are many varieties of footstools that can live up to the aesthetics as well as functionality. Some footstools offer small storage beneath the plush padding. Some are broad enough to be used as a seat. Listed below are our top three picks of different styles of footstools that are evergreen and popular.

  1. Ottoman Footstool
  2. Storage Footstool
  3. Pouf or Pouffe

Ottoman footstool :

Ottoman footstools are a statement furniture piece. They can effortlessly up the style quotient of your room décor. These footstools have thicker padding that lends rich plushness. Some Ottoman footstools feature a small compartment for storage. You can easily stow away your current favorite novel or some small items that you think you may need while you are lounging on your sofa.

Ottoman footstools come in various sizes. Some are small enough to complement a single seating sofa or an armchair. While some are longer in length and go well with sofas. These footstools are large enough to be used as a low height seat. They also make for a stylish coffee table.

If you have already purchased a sofa and are looking for a matching or a complementing Ottoman footstool, you don’t have to think too much. These footstools lend themselves beautifully to the overall look of the room.

Storage footstool :

As the name suggests, these footstools serve as a support for your feet and also offer storage. The padded top of the footstool functions as a lid which can be taken off to store or retrieve items. Some storage footstools are foldable and can be tucked away to make the space roomier.

These are also ideal for kid’s rooms as they can use the storage compartment to keep their books or small toys. Kids have a smaller height and will find it comfortable to use these as seats. There are many customizable covers available for the padded top. You can select something that matches the ambiance of the room where you wish to place the footstool.

Pouf or pouffe :

Pouf footstools are a great addition to your home décor. These are available in round, square, rectangle and many other shapes so you can select ones that go well with the rest of your furniture. Pouf footstools are priced comparatively lower than most footstools.

Pouf footstools are padded all around the body. These footstools are so plush, that you will not experience discomfort even after using it for hours. The design of Pouf footstools usually does not feature a storage area.

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