Tips for Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

The toilet bowl is the main part that needs cleaning and has to be kept clean. Unclean bowls can let bacteria and stains build on which can be bad for your health. A bathroom with a clean and sparkly toilet bowl will be pleasant for anyone’s use and the guests can also use it without any fear.

Prepare :

Before you start cleaning the toilet, focus on protecting yourself first. You need to protect your eyes and mouth from any harsh chemicals present in the cleaner, or contaminated water from splashing onto you. This could hurt your skin and eyes. Use a mouth cover mask and goggles for safety. Precaution is better than cure.

Apply cleaner :

Almost all the toilet cleaner bottles are designed in a way that you just have to hold the bottle upside-down facing the toilet bowl, and gently squeeze it squirting the toilet cleaner inside the bowl. Make sure that the entire are is covered till the rim to kill any bacteria and prevent it from spreading. Do check the bottle’s instructions on how to use the cleaning fluid in a particular way.

Scrub :

Once you have let the bleach remain in the toilet bowl for a few minutes, you will need to brush out any stains or dirt using the toilet brush. The entire area needs to be scrubbed thoroughly. Also scrub the mineral stains which will be near the water level and also down the back from where the water flows. Wet the brush using the water in the bowl and get little froth of the cleaning fluid. Do remember to scrub the rim too.

Flush :

After scrubbing, all you need to do is flush all the dirt and leftover fluid out. You can still scrub while flushing. This way the flowing fresh water helps in cleaning the toilet bowl further. It is not necessary that only the water will be sufficient to rinse out all the dirt. You need to keep a check on any splashes while flushing.

Toilet seat cleaning :

You should clean the outside of the toilet and its seat with disposable wipes or a cloth.

Tips for cleaning the toilet seat and the outside :

It is crucial to clean the outer areas and the toilet seat when cleaning a toilet. It is very human to forget to clean these after cleaning the toilet bowl. These places are important because this is where dirt and bacteria builds up more and the stains are very obvious. Another issue is dust that accumulates on the toilet seat.

Wipe :

You could start your cleaning by wiping the toilet and the seat with hot water and a cloth. This will loosen the dirt. Start from the cistern and proceed downwards. Pay  attention to the crannies and nooks that get cleaned rarely. Remember to lift the seat and clean it both sides. Stains and bacteria can grow without being noticed, hence a proper cleaning is a must.

Disinfect : 

Using a good disinfectant helps clean properly these areas. Though the use of spray cleaners may be simple, wipes are more direct. You know which area needs cleaning. Pay good attention to the areas that are almost out of sigh like the handle and flush button. Use a paper towel to wipe away any leftover disinfectant quickly.

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