Different Mirror Shapes for your Home

Mirrors are an important feature of your home décor. They can add a beautiful dimension of aesthetics to the space they are put in. There are a variety of shapes available, so that mirrors can be the thematically in sync with the interiors styling. That said, round / oval, rectangle and square shapes still remain the most popular shapes among all.

Round / oval shaped mirrors :

If the furniture in your house has clean lines (i.e.: the surface forms a right angle with the adjacent surface) then a round or and oval shaped mirror will be perfect to take the edge off. It will complement the furniture and create a good balance of shapes. You may even want to consider an egg shaped mirror for that matter.

Rectangular shaped mirrors :

Rectangular shaped mirrors of full length or at least up to five feet length, work best in dressing areas. This helps you get a good look at yourself, your clothes and shoes when you are getting ready. Also, keeping up with the latest trend of clicking mirror selfies, rectangular shaped mirrors have gained exceptional popularity with celebrities and common folk alike.

Square shaped mirrors :

Square shaped mirrors help add a chic contemporary look to the space. These, however, are best used in smaller sizes. If you use a large sized square shaped mirror in any space, it will appear very overbearing and steal the thunder from all other furniture or decoration pieces you have so tastefully curated. Having the corners of the square shaped mirror slightly rounded, will help create a softer look.

Hexagon shaped mirrors :

These mirrors serve more aesthetic purpose than a functional purpose. Hexagon shaped mirrors are usually custom made to complement urban and contemporary themed spaces. Instead of using a large hexagon shaped mirror, you can opt for multiple pieces of hexagon shape to replicate a honeycomb. You can even leave some hexagon shaped areas blank (without a mirror) on the honeycomb design to add an element of mystery.

Material mix & match :

Until few decades ago, mirrors had a wooden back frame and the mirror was exactly the size and shape of the frame. But now, in the modern times, the designs have evolved, and how! Designers are more willing to experiment with various materials such as different metals, plastic, best-of-waste etc. Some even choose to plate the metal frames in gold or silver to create an opulent look. With mirrors, the possibilities are endless.

Optimize the mirror :

Where you place your mirror will help enhance its functionality by a few notches. If you place a mirror opposite a source of natural or artificial light, it will help amplify the illumination. However, be careful not to place it at an angle where the reflection of the source (lamp / beam of sunlight) doesn’t cause discomfort to the eyes.

You can place a mirror near the exit door of your house, so that you can check yourself before stepping out. This will help if you take care of some last minute changes if you wish to make them. If nothing else, it will make you feel confident that you’re looking good before stepping out.

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