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How To Clean The Toilet Brush

Maintaining a clean bathroom is a laborious task. And when it comes to cleaning the toilet, we are so eager to just get done with it as quickly as we can. In this attempt to get done with cleaning the toilet quickly, we often tend to overlook an essential step of the process – Cleaning the toilet brush.

During the process of removal of dirt from the toilet, some of the dirt gets lodged in the toilet brush. If left unclean, this becomes a breeding ground for germs and other bacteria. Nestling in between the bristles of the brush is a safe haven for them. An unclean brush is not only unsanitary but also creates a foul odor in the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at a few simple steps that you can incorporate in your toilet cleaning routine that will ensure your cleaning tools are clean as well.

  • Pour water in a small bucket (you can also use the small container the brush came in). To this water, add some bleach and disinfectant or liquid soap.
  • The simplest method to clean a brush is to let it soak. Place the toilet cleaning brush in the solution and leave it in for about an hour. Soaking the toilet cleaning brush will help loosen the dirt and aid in easy removal. Once the brush has soaked for an hour, you can rinse it under running water.

Mentioned below are a few toilet cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Use alternate cleaning solutions :

If you choose not to choose use bleach or if you are looking for a cost effective option, there are few other solutions you can use. Take three cps of vinegar. Pour it evenly in the toilet bowl. Leave it in for a few minutes. Then scrub with a toilet cleaning brush. This will help in removal of stains. You can also use aerated cola drinks if you don’t wish to use vinegar.

Note: These alternate solutions will help in removal of stains but will not eliminate the odor.

Use a sponge? No! :

Using a sponge to clean a toilet may help you finish the task faster. But you must bear in mind that the porous sponge is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This makes it an extremely unsanitary option. Instead, you may want to use a disposable towel or a cloth for cleaning. Ensure you wash the cloth thoroughly with hot water and disinfectant after use.

Do not use the toilet cleaning brush for cleaning any other surfaces :

The toilet cleaning brush is only meant to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. Using the same brush to clean the outer side of the toilet or any other surface will spread the dirt and bacteria. Also, the bristles of the toilet cleaning bush are stiff. When using the brush to scrub one surface will lead to some particles and droplets of water getting sprayed onto another surface.

Safe storage :

In order to eliminate bacteria and odor, the toilet cleaning solutions contain strong chemicals. These should be stored safely out of reach of children. Also check for any special instructions on the bottles, such as storing in a cool dark place and the prescribed quantity etc.

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