How to Clean a Stained Toilet

Toilet cleaning is not anyone’s favourite thing to do. It is an unpleasant,  disgusting job that has to be done. Unclean toilets can be harmful. They can spread bacteria and give out nasty odors. No one will like to live in a place that has a stinky toilet, nor would want any guest to notice it.

Though toilet cleaning may seem like a huge task, we are still lucky. It is not very difficult nor time consuming. It is important to clean it nicely and properly. Cleaning it in the right manner will not only prevent bacteria and other viruses from spreading but also make the entire process easier and faster. Mentioned below are the things that you will need to properly clean a stained toilet.

And apart from cleaning the toilet well, you also would like to know how to use a plunger to unblock a toilet.

Things that you will need :

To clean a toilet, you will need few things first. You just don’t have to clean the toilet but also learn to do it well as toilets need to be cleaned regularly. A task that is easier and can finish in less time requires  certain tools. These tools will not only make the cleaning job less taxing but also prevent any spread of viruses or diseases .listed below are few things that will make toilet cleaning more hygienic and simpler, and these things or items can be used for future cleaning.

Gloves :

You need to have a separate pair of gloves to clean your toilet. These gloves should not be used for other tasks in the kitchen or anywhere else. It is not hygienic and could spread bacteria . Waterproof rubber gloves will be the best choice if you are looking to buy one. Your hands will be completely safe in them.

Goggles or glasses :

Wearing goggles or glasses should not hurt while cleaning. This way your eyes will be saved from any dirty water or toilet cleaner chemicals splashing into them thus causing infection. The chemicals in a toilet cleaner can harm your eyes.

Toilet brush :

To scrub your toilet well in order to clean it properly, you need to have a firm bristles toilet brush.  You can buy these from the supermarkets near you. They are easily available.

Toilet cleaner :

Just like the toilet brush, a toilet cleaner can be also found easily in the nearest supermarket. The cleaner should contain bleach or it can be chlorine bleach, that has disinfectant properties. Many cleaners are scented to make the job bearable. But the scent is not so important when buying a cleaner. It is important that the cleaner is able to disinfect your toilet and eradicate bacteria causing foul odor. The cleaner bottles mostly come with instructions telling you on how to properly clean your stained toilet.

Paper or cloth towels :

A towel or cleaning cloth is good enough to clean the toilet outer area. This cloth or towel should only be dedicated for this task and if need be they could be disposed after use. In any situation, these should not be used for any other purpose in any other area or room.

Disinfectant wipes or sprays :

To clean the outer area thoroughly  you will need a disinfectant spray. It also helps clean those stubborn surfaces in the bowl that need extra cleaning. This same job is also done by wipes. These can be found easily at local stores.

Mouth cover disposable masks :

While deep cleaning, you may want to protect your mouth from any dirty splashes or foul odor and from any fumes leaving from the bleach being used. You will need a mask to cover your mouth. And this mouth cover mask should be disposed off after use to maintain hygiene.

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