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How to Clean A Sofa

The life span of your furniture depends on how you take care of it. Cleanliness plays an important role. Cleaning your furniture in the right way extends its life. Stains and dirt can make a sofa look very shabby and also smell bad. Dirty uncleansed sofas develop odors. Be it a fabric sofa or a leather sofa, you need to know to clean it well. Mentioned below are our tips on how to clean your sofa.

Tools to clean sofas :

To learn how to clean a sofa, you need to understand your cleaning equipment. A vacuum cleaner is one such powerful equipment. They are available with different features. Hence it is important to check which vacuum cleaner will be best for cleaning your sofa.

Cleaning becomes difficult and tiring if the vacuum cleaner is heavy. Lightweight ones are perfect to make the cleaning job easy and fun too. Also, versatile vacuum cleaners provide more motion range physically.

Few of these that come under this category are :

Cordless vacuum cleaners that are handheld and come with various attachments for a different type of cleaning jobs. Some handheld vacuums are specifically designed to clean the inside of vehicles or for pet hair cleaning.

Stick vacuums are slimmer and lighter. These offer the option to detach the handheld vacuum for the main unit.

When buying a vacuum cleaner you need to check the attachments that come along with it apart from their functions. 

Given below are some of the attachments that you need to look for:

  • The brush roll that is motorized which will help in picking up dirt and hair very efficiently.
  • A crevice tool and stretch hose to access crevices and tight spots.
  • The upholstery brush to help the surface get rid of the dirt.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners available today. Some vacuums allow to attach few accessories and few come with inbuilt tools. One should know how to clean using these attachments in order to make the best use of it and clean nicely.

The power of steam cleaning :

There are many benefits associated with steam cleaning. It not only removes stains that are deep-down but also kills or eliminates dangerous germs simultaneously.

Because of this, hospitals prefer using methods of steam cleaning which are called an autoclave. These are used to clean sensitive instruments. You can use these in your homes too.

There may be many systems for steam cleaning, but they all support the same principle.

First, the water is heated up to a particular temperature which is just below boiling point.

Then this heated water is mixed with an antibacterial cleaning fluid or antiseptic soap.

After this, the steam starts emitting from a receptacle that is handheld.

And the inbuilt suction mechanism helps draw out the used steam and water while more fluid is pumped inside the unit’s head.

Hence, this is one of the main reasons why steam is mostly used to clean upholstery, fabrics that need a thorough cleaning, and sofas.

Use a bristle brush :

As compared to a standard vacuum and steam cleaning, bristle brushes demand little more of manual labor. However, their benefits known, are no exaggeration.

The bristle brush has an interesting advantage. Its users are offered complete control over the process of cleaning.

Delicate fabrics need to be handled with care. Especially old fabrics that could easily wear off if the amount of pressure exerted on them during the cleaning process is more than they can handle. Cleaning of such materials should be done using a bristle brush. The brush gives you total control when it comes to the pressure being applied and the direction of the movement.

Though this may need a little extra physical activity, the fact remains that a bristle brush will be best for cleaning delicate materials.

Today, the latest designs have a little amount of soap. On filling the brush with water that is warm, cleaning can immediately start. Later, the fabric is let to air dry.

Traditional cloth methods:

Sometimes in certain cases, the above-mentioned methods may not be helpful when dealing with stubborn stains. It is the use of cloth that comes to your rescue here. This cloth is not of a normal fabric but is known as a microfiber cloth.

Its construction mainly focuses on maximum absorbency and at the same time makes sure there is minimal impact on the sensitive fabric. 

The way this cloth is used is not by wiping it back and forth. It is used to wipe off a stain after it has been treated or wetted with some cleaning agent.

This blotting will help avoid the spread of any discoloration, and this cloth’s porosity will pull out the stain from the sofa.

Paper towels to clean sofas :

Paper towels functions are similar to those of microfiber fabrics. You should not use them in case the sofa is very dirty or if the stain has already set into the fabric.

These are mostly used as soon as a piece of fabric gets sullied. After this, other techniques will be used to make sure the stain goes off.

Do note that the quality of the paper towel plays an important role in its efficiency. Avoid cheap brands which could leave fibers on the sofa fabric. Or else they will create double work. You will have to sit and clean the sofa again of the fibers left by these cheap paper towels.

Always only use paper towels of a high-quality like those found in kitchens and those having 2 separate layers

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