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How to Clean a Leather Sofa

Though it is good to know ways of restoring fabric furniture, cleaning a sofa having leather as its fabric can be a different game altogether. This is because leather as a material is sensitive and has specific techniques which cannot be ignored.

Follow these tips to help prepare yourself to clean your leather sofa:

To begin with, the material being used for cleaning leather should be soft. This way the leather surface will not get damaged.

Be sure to remove all dust traces before applying the cleaning liquid.  Dust or dirt particles are harsh when in contact with water. This can scratch the sofa.

To deep clean, always use a good quality leather cleaner. This will help condition and nourish your sofa. You will need a soft sponge or cloth to apply this leather cleaner on. Then take this cloth and gently rub in a circular motion to remove the dirt.

Here are a few tips you will need to clean a leather sofa:

An effective product needed to clean leather sofas is a saddle soap. However, use it only occasionally or else the leather will get dissolved as the time passes by.

White vinegar combined with water can also come in handy. You could add tea tree oil a few drops to this mixture. It will help kill bacteria and freshen up the leather. To use this mixture, take a clean cloth and just wipe it on the surface of the leather sofa.

Grease stains on the sofa can be removed by covering them with paper towels. These will absorb the greasy stains. Dap the paper gently to allow it to soak up more. Later, take baking soda and sprinkle it evenly on the sofa surface. Any grease that is still remaining will get absorbed by this. Leave the baking soda for few minutes before brushing it off.

Marker pen or ink stains can be removed with the use of hairspray. First, test this on a small hidden area. Mostly stains left by small marker pens fade away on their own.

When you Condition your leather sofa it looks brand new. Once your sofa has been cleaned, take two parts of linseed oil and one part of white vinegar and mix it. Then apply this mixture to a soft cloth and rub it over the surface. Leave this for eight hours or overnight for best results.

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