Countertop Microwave Below $100 and the Best

For a kitchen to be known as a complete one, needs to have all the necessary appliances. The microwave oven is one such critical appliance. It is technically versatile and has helped elevate convenience in the kitchen to the next level.

Microwave ovens indeed are real saviors in the kitchen as one can use them conveniently with a lot of ease. However, these come with a price tag. They are expensive. The latest microwave oven models have so many new additional features which make it even more expensive.

As a result of this, people with low budgets looking for a daily use microwave oven, find it difficult to zero down on one that is most needed by them. This is where we come in the picture. You need not stress. We will help you by providing you all the information here. Below is a list of all the microwave ovens that are cheap and below $100. These have all the important features apart from guaranteeing to be there at your service for a long time. 

When you go further down this article you will find a list of the 10 top best Countertop microwaves that are below $100. Apart from not being expensive, these have all the essential features. After extensive research, we have made this list. Hence be rest assured about its authenticity.

Farberware Classic 1.1 Cubic Microwave Oven

Farberware Classic 1.1 Cubic Microwave Oven

This model is Amazon’s highest rated Microwave Ovens selling below $100. This is because of its features and its low pricing which cannot be competed with.

It is a great looking model. Apart from its sleek design, it has the best features. Luckily it does not keep beeping if you do not remember your usual or favorite midnight snack. It uses command buttons that are quick. For example, the +30 command button lets the user set the time required to cook.

With 1000 watts and at full power, you will be able to heat a plate full with your dinner easily within a minute. And baking potatoes can happen in 10 minutes. Its compact size is the reason why it is the perfect option.

Toshiba 1.2 Cu. ft. Microwave Oven

This oven has a fun touch and adds style to the kitchen. Its compact design is very stylish. With a power rating of 900 watts, it offers a 0.9 cu. ft. of capacity.

It consists of 10 different power levels for cooking going till 900 watts. This lets the user to nicely and accurately have their preparations fine-tuned. There is a glass turntable in the cooking cavity which is big and can take care of large dishes. This turntable rotates steadily ensuring even heating. It has an easy digital interface because of the use of an LED timer and clock. 

Panasonic 1.3 Cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

Panasonic 1.3 Cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

Kitchens look beautiful when the Panasonic NN-SU656B microwave oven is added. It is best suited for kitchens that are small. It fits with ease anywhere because if its size. Also, its 1200 Watt powerful cooker can defrost easily frozen large servings of food items.

The oven’s cooking cavity is white in color. This helps in showing clearly what is inside. Food temperature is maintained without the need to overcook it because of its keep warm features. This is a silent microwave and most people prefer one that operates without any noise. The power levels of 10 different kinds let the user cook the food precisely.

The cooking cavity, however, may seem smaller when using platters that are oversized. And, only on the door being opened, does the light turn in the cavity. Though the food may be visible from inside the cavity, some people may still find it difficult to see clearly.

Daewoo 0.7 Cu. ft. Retro Microwave Oven

Though little smaller compared to many microwaves, it is pretty and accommodates a plate of a standard size easily. This model is best for those who would be okay to sacrifice some features for aesthetics.

It’s heating ability is really good. It heats the food well. Also, its defrost function defrosts food quickly and evenly without the need to pre-cook the food. This oven has the temperature and time knobs that function smoothly and are sturdy.

It also has the 30-second quick button which on being pushed helps the user to easily adjust the time required for cooking the food. However, in order to let this microwave go off automatically, the user will need to clear any previous remaining time. The menus for auto-cook make meal preparation easy and quick. Apart from these, there are 5 different levels of powerto help the user to set the instructions precisely.

Sunbeam 0.7 cu. ft. Microwave Oven

This microwave oven is inexpensive which comes with the most essential features. Some of the features include buttons that are programmed for standard microwave dishes like the popcorn, and so on.

The power rating of this microwave is 700 watts. This makes cooking faster. There are 10 different levels of cooking power which lets the user prepare the dishes precisely and without overcooking.

This microwave oven’s control panel has a digital timer, LED and a clock display, which make it look very attractive. There is a glass turntable in the cavity which spins at a standard level of velocity. This ensures uniform heating. Also, the child-lock of this oven prevents the appliance’s usage that is unsupervised.


Modern kitchens have been completely revolutionized by microwave ovens. It helps save time, fuel and energy which lets one have a life.

You will, however, find all variants in the market. Few will be reasonably priced while few will be exorbitant. Through this article, we tried as much as we could to list the most affordably priced microwave ovens that have all the essential features. This list has been prepared to benefit families that are on the lookout of a microwave oven that is fairly priced and perfects to be used daily. You can also check an excellent Malabi recipe which you can make in a microwave. 

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