Colour Changing Mood Lights Guide

It is said that the popular solution to avoid the ill effects of insufficient light and harshlight is providing natural light. Windows in home and work spaces can fill the area with the best quality of light, thus providing a natural and safe solution. This, however, may not be a viable option taking into consideration some geographic locations that don’t receive sufficient natural light all through the year. In such cases, the next best solution is installation of flexible lighting that supports the circadian rhythmand can also adapt to different colors to change the mood, vibe and ambiance of the space.

Warm colors such as yellow, orangeand red, are known to evoke feelings of optimism and happiness. They provide a soft glow and also create an uplifting ambiance without being too meddlesome. Using color changing mood lights has a great impact when proper color tones are chosen in accordance with the time of the day and occasion.

When trying to set the right ambiance, it is best to know what light fittings will work optimally for the given space. Selecting an unsuitable light, may not give you the desired effect you had in mind. Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide on things to keep in mind and what kind of light fittings you can choose from that tick the checklist of – aesthetics, cost and energy efficiency.

LED Light Bulbs :

Color changing mood lights use LED lights as they are considered energy efficient (consume less electricity) and don’t cause as much heat and last longer compared to standard light bulbs.LED lights are available in various quality grades. Selecting cheaper ones will result in having to replace them often. Opt for the ones of a high quality instead, as they will last for years. Though the initial expense of a good quality LED can be high, you will find that these work out cheaper if you spread the cost over its lifetime. Since these are energy efficient, you will save up on your electricity bills as well.

Size :

Bear in mind the space you wish to illuminate. Opting for a large light fitting to illuminate a small space can not only spoil the aesthetics of the space but can also feel harsh on the eyes and may leave you feeling unpleasant. On the other hand, a small light that emits less illumination, can cause you to strain your eyes and feel discomfort. You should ideally choose a fitting that optimally illuminates the space and is not too jarring to the eyes. It is also important to note that in some cases, smaller light fitting may mean that it would consume less energy.

Remote Control Function :

Newer variants of color changing mood lights are compatible with remote control. Some can be remotely controlled with a product specific remote control. Some can be controlled via a product manufacturer’s app on your smartphone. Being able to remotely control the lights and the intensity (mood lights offer a spectrum of dim to bright control) of their illumination can be a plus point when you’re spending time with family or just lounging over the weekend.

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