How to Choose Garage Flooring

When it comes to house renovation, we are completely over the moon trying to figure out wall paint, false ceiling ideas, furniture upgrade, etc.

When it comes to renovating a garage, at times this place is the most neglected or we don’t take an effort to spruce up the place. Garage renovation can be done really creatively. Thinking of saving money, we should not reduce the quality of the material used. Below listed are some factors to consider when you are thinking of renovating the garage.

Reason for renovating the flooring

Garages are used not only for parking your vehicles but also as a storage room for many things. While choosing tiles, it is very important to keep in mind the force and the weight of items placed in the garage. Not all tiles are compatible with their surroundings. There are tiles which are chemical resistant and some are not. Some tiles can’t stand salt, oil, battery acid, gasoline, brake fluid, etc. There are tiles which are so delicate that regular servicing is needed to keep them clean and not have any grime or dust layers form on them. Garage flooring has to be sturdy, strong and long-lasting.

Coating options for the new tiles

There are many coating options available in the market today. Different types of coating that are available are vinyl, paint, epoxy, latex, etc. Most of the coatings can also help protect the tiles and help in their longevity.
Installation options
Tiles cannot just be installed easily. There are a lot of additional factors and costs that are incurred. For example, if you will be using interlocking rubber tiles, not much additional material is needed as it is DIY. But if you are choosing ceramic tiles, you will have to do additional coating and finishing giving it that sheen. Best is to get these kinds of tiles installed professionally.

Types of garage floor tiles

PVC Floor Tiles

These floor tiles are easy to maintain and clean. They are also known as roll-out vinyl garage flooring. Though light in nature, when it comes to sturdiness, they are quite strong and resistant to heavy weight. If kept properly, these tiles can last a lifetime. All you have to do is roll it out and fix it well. It comes in a lot of patterns and colors. They come at a very reasonable price and you can just clean them with water. They are durable in nature and do not need a lot of maintenance.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles

These tiles are very easy when it comes to installation but cleaning them is a slight hassle. They are resistant to many chemicals which gives all the more reason to install them on a garage floor. You can comfortably sit and walk on these tiles. You can get these kinds of tiles in different colors and types.

Wood Composite Tiles

These tiles can be used in regions where moisture is high. They are specially designed to repel moisture, thus always staying dry. They are very easy to install and easy to clean. The only thing is that it is slightly expensive.

Ceramic or stone tiles

These tiles are very popular for garages. They are not only durable but come in stylish designs. These tiles are very strong to withstand heavy weight. Not much maintenance is needed for these tiles. The only issue is that the installation is a little tedious and a lot of work.


When it comes to garage flooring, it is very important what kind of tiling is done to protect the garage. With a lot of creativity and smart thinking and meticulous planning, you can get yourself an amazing garage and save useless expenditure.

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