5 Budget Friendly Ways to Clean Your House

5 Budget Friendly Ways to Clean Your House.edited

Isn’t cleaning the biggest chore? It doesn’t matter, how busy we are, we have to keep aside some time for cleaning. Cleaning is time-consuming, but it should not be expensive. You can follow these cleaning tips and keep your home clean at a very low cost. A vacuum cleaner is a one-time investment for cleaning … Read more

Top 5 Easy Tips to Clean Your Carpet

Top 5 Easy Tips to Clean Your Carpet-Refused by Karen

Carpets add a rustic feel and warmth to your home. It adds color and can make your room look beautiful with its patterns. A carpet needs maintenance and needs to be cleaned from time to time. The easiest way to clean is to send it to a professional. They will work their magic without you … Read more

Top 5 Ways to Keep your Home Clean for a Busy Mom

Top 5 ways to keep your home clean for a busy mom

A working mom or a new mom will find it difficult to maintain their house or clean their house every day. They may barely find time to cook a meal for lunch or dinner. However, it is difficult and stressful to see an untidy or messy home. A mother would always want to provide a … Read more

Top 5 Tips to Improve your House on a Tight Budget

Top 5 tips to improve your house on a tight budget

Quality of a home reflects the quality of living. Achieving a stylish, comfortable and functional house does not need a huge budget. It can be simply done with a few creative ideas and little resources. DIY can be the best option to bring out your personality through your decors. Instead of paying a huge amount … Read more

Top 5 Tiny House Appliances and Furniture

Top 5 tiny house appliances and furniture

Imagine living rent-free and without the bother about worrying about your utility bills and mortgage. Imagine living in a house where you generate electricity of your own and you have your own water. How great it would be to have a life which is free of debt and a place of your own which is … Read more

Top 5 Must-Have Tools in a Tiny Home

Top 5 Must Have Tools in a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are a great option for those who choose to live the minimalist lifestyle. People with the first-hand experience can’t help but beam with happiness when they describe the benefits and how they have been able to save money by choosing to live in a tiny house. For some people, it gives a sense … Read more

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Best covers for outdoor furniture

How lovely it will look to have tea sitting in your patio. Beautiful furniture could be arranged for your comfortand to add beauty to the patio. Open air places have their own charm.But, the furniture will need to be protected from the weather every now and then. The weather keeps changing. The furniture could get … Read more

Best Markers for a Furniture Touch Up

Best markers for a furniture touch up

Wood tends to get scratches. And certain products that take care of the wood like touch up repair kits and polishes handle surface scuffing and scratches very well. In order to ensure that your furniture looks good throughout, you will need to reuse these products often or from time to time. Though one application lasts … Read more

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Home

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Home

1. Outside of the Windows Need your Attention too To allow as much of natural daylight in your room, trim the adjacent, trees, bushes and plants. Also keep your windowsills clutter free. 2. Windows Should be Kept Grime and Dust free Clean windows allow more of natural light to come in as compared to windows … Read more

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Room

7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Room

No one likes to live in the dark. Even the universe has the moon and the stars to provide some light once the sun sets. The lesser the presence of light the more gloomy the mind will be. All rooms don’t get filled with bright natural light. There are rooms that have windows high-up the … Read more