How To Use A Steam Mop


Many households have started using steam mops for cleaning hard floors. Steam mops don’t require you to bend down on your knees for cleaning the floors. These mops have revolutionized household cleaning. These mops have a lot of advantages. Here in this article, you will learn how to use a steam mop and how to … Read more

Different Mirror Shapes for your Home


Mirrors are an important feature of your home décor. They can add a beautiful dimension of aesthetics to the space they are put in. There are a variety of shapes available, so that mirrors can be the thematically in sync with the interiors styling. That said, round / oval, rectangle and square shapes still remain … Read more

Colour Changing Mood Lights Guide


It is said that the popular solution to avoid the ill effects of insufficient light and harshlight is providing natural light. Windows in home and work spaces can fill the area with the best quality of light, thus providing a natural and safe solution. This, however, may not be a viable option taking into consideration … Read more

What is causing the floorboards to make the squeaky sound?


Imagine trying to sneak in the kitchen for a midnight snack and waking up everyone in the house, due to sound of the creaky floorboards. Creaky floorboards can not only cause irritation to the people of the household but can also be embarrassing when you have guests come over. The squeaky sound of the floorboards … Read more

How To Fix Creaky Floorboards


Having creaky floorboards is irritating to say the least. Every time you step on a floorboard that creaks, you get irritated. In addition to that, having creaky floorboards is dangerous as they may break and you may get hurt. I have mentioned below the top tips to fix creaky boards: Replace the floorboards : If … Read more