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Best Sliding And Bifold Patio Doors

Irrespective of your living room or kitchen size, patio doors will make these look much bigger.  By having patio doors for your kitchen or living room, you will get the feeling of outdoors by being inside. The entire look brightens up the place and builds a positive aura. Patio doors are of different types –bifold, single, French, and sliding. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Sliding Patio Doors



Patio doors prove that combining beauty with practicality is worth it. They are quiet large enough for attracting natural light inside the room. They have the most popular style.

The sliding patio doors occupy lesser space compared to traditional swinging doors. They slide nicely at the back of each other, thus saving space. These doors have different glass options and materials. UPVC and wood are also included in these options. One could choose the type of door depending on the type of their property.

Patio doors have evolved today from the initial sliding doors. Their designs are very advanced. Their frames are narrow, easy-to-maintain, cost effective, and sometimes  invisible too. Small rooms can afford it easily.

These can also have the pocket door design wherein the door when open hides into the cavities of the wall. This design is a bit expensive. Andin modern large rooms two panels will not be sufficient to have the room opened up. More panels will be needed which will increase the purchasing and installation costs.

Bifold Patio Doors



Bifold doors are very popular. They are perfect if considering to get the outdoors inside. Concertina style of opening and closing, saves space. Smaller rooms can have these hence. Their sizes can be customized ensuring perfect fit. You could therefore have 2 or 8 panels and still find it fitting perfectly in your living room.

On opening, these slide and fold neatly.

On the other side, the frames of these doors are heavy even after being able to fold back internally and externally. Their installation is a task and is expensive.

But, you will find it worth it considering the view it gives you. And still you may incur more costs in order to buy blinds or shutters to make it energy efficient.


If you go for UPVC patio doors, then you have made the best choice. It is very cost effective. Today, these are available in different colors. They will not peel, fade, rot or flake over time.

It is very much energy efficient. Its maintenance is easy and the door is durable. Butcondensation can build up and create mould. UPVC is plastic which makes it difficult to change the door handles.

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