Best Painters Tape

Painter’s tape is made out of a thin paper that is easily torn. It has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is easily released when burnished. It is primarily used during painting, in order to cover the areas that are not to be painted. Painters tape is available in many lengths and widths, so you can get the exact design you imagined.

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape​

As the name suggests, FrogTape can be used on a number of surfaces such as glass,metal,carpet,stone, unfinished wood and cured walls (painted). Owing to its premium quality adhesive, once applied, FrogTape stays on the surface for nearly twenty-one days without requiring any touch-ups.

All you need to do is buff the edge of the FrogTape with the help of a plastic tool. You can even use an old credit card. Make sure the FrogTape levelled well on the surface that will be painted.

Created with PaintBlock Technology, a highly absorbentpolymerreactswith water component in the latex paint. It then immediately gels forming a micro-barrier, which seals the edge of FrogTape, thus preventing a paint bleed.

Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape​

This painter’s tape is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces such as wood floors,walls and smoothornon-texturedsurfaces that have been freshly painted (twenty-four hours old). Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape helps you achieve the perfect finish with decorativepatterns and stripes.

Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape is ideal when working on surfaces outdoors, as it is resistant to sunlight and UV. This painter’s tapefeaturesScotchBlue’sexclusive technology that is specially designed to keep the paint out, thus producing super sharppaint lines that give a brilliant finish. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned painter or you are new to painting, because the different widths of Scotch Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape will always deliver flawless results.

XFasten Professional Blue Painters Tape

XFasten Professional Blue Painters Tape​

If you are looking for a painter’s tape that will stick onto most surfaces and not damage the surface when peeling it off, then XFasten Blue Painter’s Tape is your safest bet.This painter’s tape is UV light as well as sunlightresistant, making it the ideal choice for paint jobs in the outdoors.

It is also resistant to moisture and humidity which means, regardless the weather condition, XFasten Blue Painter’s Tape reliable to deliver sharp lines. You can also use a weather station like ambient weather ws-2902a to check the weather. Owing to its curl resistant treatment, this painter’s tape does not begin to curl on your fingers when a strip is cut form the roll making it less messy and adding to ease of use.

Gaffer Power Painters Tape

Gaffer Power Painters Tape​

Gaffer Power painter’s tape is unparalleled when it comes to delivering clean and sharp lines with perfect edges. This painter’s tape works like a real pro on a variety of surfaces. It does not allow the paint to bleed and is also easy to peel off without leaving a trace of any adhesive residue.

Gaffer Power painter’s tape is flexible, tough and resistant to UV light making it perfect for use on outer surface of the structure. And also great to work with when working on a DIY project in the outdoors.


It is always advisable to read instructions prior to using painter’s tape. You may want to check what surfaces they are suitable for or how long can you expect them to stay in place etc.

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