Best Nail Colours for Pale Skin

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

A brand that is very popular for its nudes shades is Essie’s Ballet Slippers. The Queen of England also swears by it! Her favorite is the classic pale pink hue nail polish color. They have a sheer, subtle finish. It is a must have for all the fair ladies, irrespective of the season.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Coca-Cola Red

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Coca-Cola Red

The classic hot-bright red looks gorgeous on lighter skin tones. Its jellied-crème neon-like almost, and warm finish gets applied beautifully. It is a super opaque color. Hence you can apply just one coat of this polish if you are rushing somewhere in a hurry. For a vintage look, this color will give you an instant 80s, chic vibe for sure.

Deborah Lippmann in Ibiza

This polish is q terracotta full coverage crème. It looks stunning exceptionally on people with lighter skin. It formula is dual-patented. This formula has 10 active ingredients that help to give the gloss and cushion of a gel mani without the damage. Ibiza, is definitely a must if you want a neutral shade for any season and on any outfit.

Zoya in Starla

This shade Starla is actually a sweet bubblegum pink. It has added micro shimmers which basically are the tiniest specks of silver. On applying it, you will notice a color that is super-saturated and has a subtle sheen. This looks great on fair skin tones. And, the best part about this color is that it is quiet sheer, so you could layer another coat if need be. Also, this builds beautifully!

Essie Nail Polish in Serene Slate

Essie Nail Polish in Serene Slate

For those who do not consider the color gray appealing, think again. There are times when one will find black looking very dramatic, red looking little too much and the pink feeling too soft. During these times, you will find that the color gray will never disappoint. The Serene Slate is nothing but a simple stone gray. You can apply it easily and it is highly pigmented . This nail polish just two coats are good enough.

Sally Hansen in Head Bang

Sally Hansen in Head Bang

The Head Bang is a cool-toned gorgeous shade of chocolate brown. All fair ladies should try it. This nail polish layers well because of its formula. There is no bubbling or streaking. You can apply it with ease. You will notice the first coat to be a little thin. Hence we suggest you apply two coats at least. The color brown is very happening currently. It is a shade that will get you a lot of compliments for sure.

Essie Nail Polish in Buy Me A Cameo

A Cameo is the prettiest frosted satin mocha out there. The neutral lacquer that is ovely glazed is shimmery and still discreet. Your hands look sophisticated on applying it. Hence you can opt to wear it throughout the year. It can be applied easily and its finish is glossy. This also lasts long and doesn’t chip.

Côte Nail Polish in Versatile Navy

All the dark color lovers, will find navy to be fun. It works well especially when your undertones are warm. This is one shade that will not look flat on application. This is because its finish is nice pearlized through which light reflects. Its is formulated using ingredients that are toxin-free, vegan, and cruelty- free.

Deborah Lippmann in Blue Orchid


Those having pale or light skin tones, can never go wrong when using pastel colors. Blue Orchid is a pretty baby blue. Its formula is creamy and gel based which enhances its beauty. Its application is dreamy. Just one coat is enough to cover your nails, though we recommend you apply two coats to have a better finish. It is a shade that is perfect during spring and summer.

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

This nail polish shade of this brand is a creamy, ballet pink which is elegant and chic too. Its formulation doesn’t include any top nasty chemicals that is found in other nail polishes. Its consistency is smooth and you can apply it easily. The pale color gives your fingers an elongated look. Your hands look polished and refined.

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