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Best Lint Remover

As much as we all love our dear pets, the fact remains that the hair they shed can make its way on just about any surface. More so, on our clothes and furniture upholstry. Besides pet hair, over passage of time, fabrics tend to collect dust, bobble and pill. The fuzz thus created, gives an unmaintained look to the house and an unkempt appearance to us as well. In order to keep the fabrics looking as good as new, we have shortlisted the top four fuzz removers.

Evercare Magic Lint Remover Brush

Magic Lint RemoverBrush from Evercare boasts of an ergonomic size and design. It features a brush on both sides of the tool, so it doesn’t matter if you are right handed or left. You will be able to work it with just as much ease.

Magic Lint Remover Brushremoveslint,pet hair, fuzz and dust effectively. This brush is suitable for clothing, upholstery, tapestry and bed linen. Magic Lint Remover Brush comes in a pack of three so you can keep one in different rooms or choose to keep one along with your travel essentials.

Blulu Lint Brush

An absolutely essential tool for daily life to keep your clothes and house looking clean. Blulu Lint Brush is great for easy removal of pet hair,fuzz, pills, dust, food crumbs etc. off the car seats, furniture, curtains and clothing.

This lint removal brush has a brush on both sides making it suitable for usage with either hand. Blulu Lint Brush has a sturdy handle made of durable plastic. It also features a large hole at the handle end, making it convenient to hang when not in use.

LONGKEY Reusable Double-Side Lint Brush

Longkey Reusable Double-Side Lint Brush

Made with polyester silk, the bristles, on LONGKEY Reusable Double-Side Lint Brush are anti-static and have a stronger adsorption.This lint removal brush features a smooth grip handle. It is extremely easy to remove pet hair and lint off of almost any fabric in just a few sweeps, using this tool. Since the bristles are soft, you won’t have to worry about causing damage to the fabric.

Once the brush is filled with lint or fur, you can easily clean it by dunking it in its case. The brush comes out clean when you pull it out.

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover​

GleenerUltimate Fabric Shaver comes with three various edges in order to remove fuzz ranging from fine to medium to large. The Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover can be used on just about any fabric to gently remove the pills and fuzz.

This tool features a 2-in-1 design. While one side helps shave the fuzz and bobbles. The other side, has a lint brush that easily removes the pet hair and lint, leaving your clothes looking as good as new.


It is always a great idea to work the fuzz removal brushes in one direction only. This way you can not only ensure that the fuzz gets collected on one side, but also rest assured that the weaving of the fabric (especially the woolens) isn’t getting loosened or damaged. One of the best things about the above mentioned list is that none of the tools require power supply in the form of batteries of electricity.

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