Best French And Single Patio Doors

French Patio Doors



The design of this patio door is wow. Its doors individually swing open providing a tighter seal compared to sliding doors. This will reduce your heating bills .

The French patio doors are of plain glass, or small panes of Georgian style. These are manufactured using different materials to make them look great in a traditional home or a contemporary one. They are also manufactured in aluminum.

The design of this door is very attractive. It lets you have an easy access to your garden. It also is known to be energy efficient.

On a little  negative side, not much light is let in compared to bi-folds or sliding doors. But, if you place glass panels or windows on either sides, the doors will open up allowing more natural light to come in. Also remember, that since they need space to be opened, you will need to plan where your furniture will be placed first.

Single Patio Doors



Single patio doors come in various materials and styles. Some of the materials are aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and UPVC.

They are ideal for elongated or small narrow rooms like balcony apartments, home offices or garden apartments.

The glass of these doors can be clear to have a clear view, and frosted to have more privacy.

Triple and double single patio doors are energy efficient. Just that its access is tight as the opening is small comparatively. Hence you may find it difficult to move your furniture around the property.

By placing these doors alongside some window or by adding side panel of glass, more natural light will enter the room.

Patio Door Materials

Wood :

Patio doors of natural wood are popular. These include hard and soft woods like cedar, pine, oak and mahogany. The timber gives a rich look.

But, timber is expensive than all other materials . It demands more maintenance. But since it is flexible, you will be able to restyle and update it easily.

Aluminium :

The modern look and convenience of doors made from aluminum make it very appealing. It is lightweight and yet strong and more cost effective than real wood.

Because of its strength you can have less frame and more of glass. This will increase the amount of light coming in. But aluminum is not thermally that efficient like wood. There could  be problems related to condensation, and because of the material used, the door handles cannot be changed easily.

Fibreglass :

It is a good substitute to wood because of its similar feel and look. But it will survive drastic weather changes in a much better way. Fibreglass is actually reinforced plastic that includes glass fibres in a resin matrix.

These patio doors save a lot of energy and demand no or very less maintenance. These however are more expensive compared to other options. Also, the color choice is  limited.

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