Best Fabric Shavers

Are you worried about the lint and bobbles on fabrics such as your woolen and cottonclothing, beautiful tapestry, upholstery, bed linen etc.? These bobbles can make fairly new fabrics appear worn out. Lint can give an unpleasant feeing of texture when you run your hand on it. Looking to get rid of this nuisance? We have shortlisted the top four fabric shavers to help you maintain your fabrics as good as new.

AlwaysLux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

This fabric shaver is ideal for all sorts of fabric, be it Yoga Pants, Neck Ties, Comforters, Blankets, Duvets, Bed Sheets, Sofas, Curtains etc. Powered by a 5w motor, this fabric shaver is ready to take on any shaving tasks with effortless ease. EasyLint fabric shaver features an ergonomic grip handle, large shaving head (2.5-inch) and premium quality stainless steel blades. The rotary blades on this fabric shaver are replaceable. The unit is carefully packaged in a carry case (with handles). Besides the fabric shaver, the case also includes a spare blade, a cleaning brush, a spare blade, an AC adapter and an instruction manual.

Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver from House of Wonderful

Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver from House of Wonderful​

You will notice that the shaving head of Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver is not at a right angle. The shaving head faces upwards. This angle facilitates easy shaving off of lint and bobbles without causing strain or discomfort to the wrist.At 2.5 inches diameter, the shaving head is large enough to cover a lot of area with every stroke, thus helping the work done faster. Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver runs a 5w motor. The unit is so compact, you can even carry it with you when travelling, in case you want to shave fabric at the last minute.

GeMoor Rechargeable Lint Shaver

GeMoor Rechargeable Lint Shaver

Woolens looking worn out after a few washes? One of the simplest way to give your clothes their new look back is by shaving the fabric of lint and bobbles with the GeMoor Rechargeable Lint Shaver. GeMoor’s fabric shaver works beautifully not just with your clothes, but also keeps upholstery, furniture tapestry, bed and bath linens in top condition without causing any damage to the fabric. This fabric shaver has a comfortable grip handle and a 2.7 inches shaving head.

Conair Fabric Shaver

Conair Fabric Shaver​

Conair Fabric Shaver is the choice of several thousand satisfied customers. Owing to its superior performance and competitive price, this fabric shaver undoubtedly ranks number one. Conair Fabric Shaver also offers cordless operation when it is powered by two AA batteries. With its three different settings for distance control, this fabric shaver easily adjusts in order to accommodate various fabric types.Conair Fabric Shaver helps you achieve a professional result similar to dry cleaning at a fraction of the cost. The grip handle on this fabric shaver is ergonomic and it has a 1-7/8-inch shaving head.


When using fabric shavers, be sure to place the fabric on a table, floor, ironing board or any such flat surface. Experienced users say that using a layer of soft padding underneath fabrics such as cashmere gives optimal results.

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