7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Room

No one likes to live in the dark. Even the universe has the moon and the stars to provide some light once the sun sets. The lesser the presence of light the more gloomy the mind will be. All rooms don’t get filled with bright natural light. There are rooms that have windows high-up the wall through which very little light can spread in the room. When a room is brightened up it has a transforming effect on our moods. It also gives life to the room and to the entire home.

Daylight is very important for our lives. We depend on it for vitamin D. Absence of natural light can make us anxious and depressed. During winters when days are short and the dark nights are long, one doesn’t feel so good or uplifted. Hence, a good amount of natural light is most important for any room.

Fortunately, there are many ways through which you can brighten up the room that has very little natural light or no light at all. Read on and know how to have a dark room lightened up through simple touches.

1. Use Natural Light Bulbs

Dark rooms first need light to brighten it up. What can be seen in the dark otherwise? Natural light bulbs producing clear white light can be chosen. Their light should resemble the natural daylight somewhat unlike warm and soft white bulbs.

A natural light lamp can add light to the room instantly. Rooms with small windows would benefit more from this.

Shades of light colors help diffuse light throughout the room. Harsh overhead lighting can prove that the room is indeed dark. Hence it is important to carefully think about how one will use and place the lamps and light bulbs to have the entire room lit up. To open dark ceilings, use recessed light fittings. LED lights can be very effective in introducing light on dark ceilings.

2. Reflect Light through Mirrors

Using mirrors to reflect light has always worked. When you place a mirror on a wall that is opposite a window, natural light entering from the window will be reflected from the mirror. This trick may let you have a good view too if available . If you play with the placement of different sizes of mirrors in a room, you will enjoy the bouncing light illuminating the walls of the room.

Dark furniture may look good as long as there is enough natural light in the bedroom. Lack of natural light will make the room and furniture look depressing and gloomy.

3. Bulky and Dark Coloured Furniture to Be Avoided

In olden days people used a lot of heavy furniture. And many of us might have inherited them from our parents or grandparents. The furniture may look very beautiful at first sight, but in placing it in your room you will notice that the brightest and the largest of rooms will look dark. Also dark coloured furniture has the same effect on the rooms. It makes the room look gloomy. Hence try swapping the dark coloured large furniture with slimmer and lighter ones. The difference it creates on the brightness of your room will be amazing.

4. Paint the Ceiling White

Painting the ceiling white is simple and very obvious. It indeed makes a huge difference to the appearance of the room especially when tight white paint is used. Try and choose a paint that has ultra-reflective properties. Do not use contrasting colors. Avoid wall papers that are heavily patterned. These can make the room look small and hence crowded.

5. Declutter

Clutter filled rooms make one feel gloomy. Even the room seems smaller and darker when it is all messed up with clutter. Hence getting rid of unwanted stuff and arranging the rest of the stuff will make the room look clean, inviting and livelier.

6. Instead of Heavy Curtains, use Blinds

If your room is facing North and the curtains being used in the room are dark and heavy, your room will look like a cave. To prevent the room from looking gloomy, you could replace these curtains with light neutral colored roller or vertical blinds. And if privacy is not a concern, you could leave the window undressed. Window films that are frosted can be used if you do not want random passers to peep in. Earlier lace or net curtains were used in pairs instead of the blinds.

7. Glass and Metallic Finishes Sparkle the Place

When you add metallic picture frames, vases in gold, silver or bronze, light bounces throughout the room. Crystal vases and bowls, or a small chandelier too helps light reflect. This makes the room look bright and light.

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