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7 Tips to Lighten Up Your Home

1. Outside of the Windows Need your Attention too

To allow as much of natural daylight in your room, trim the adjacent, trees, bushes and plants. Also keep your windowsills clutter free.

2. Windows Should be Kept Grime and Dust free

Clean windows allow more of natural light to come in as compared to windows covered with dust and grime. High windows or windows where one cannot reach, will need help from professional cleaners to clean them. Or else, take warm water in a bucket and a micro fiber cloth and clean it yourself.

Furniture such as acrylic furniture are very stylish. You will see light beaming through them.

3. Use Acrylic Furniture that is Transparent

Transparent acrylic furniture let’s light travel through it. This type of furniture is modern and very stylish. It is very much in demand today as it brightens up the room using the available daylight.

4. Side Window Addition

Windows let a lot of natural daylight come in. It is the best and trusted way of adding light to the room. If you have a budget and if it is possible to add a side widow, then do it. French windows and Skylights are good options. Before you add the window or do any renovation, do check if any sort of permission is required from the building management.

5. Installing Sun Tubes

In cases of rooms not having any natural light access, installing sun tubes will help. These winding pipes are innovative and can carry daylight from 30 feet. They are alternative to skylights.

Windows may have disadvantages like heat loss during the winter or too much light in the summer. These are not an issue with sun tubes. They are an excellent source of light.

6. Think About the Floor Too

Floors with dark carpets could also make the room look small and dark. And if you do not wish to change the carpet, add some large pale rug. This way the room will get a superb face lift. In cases of white floorboards, use white paint to paint them. White attracts light and makes the room look spacious.

7. Get Rid of Dividing Walls

Removing a dividing wall is a huge change that one has to adapt to. By doingthis you convert 2 walls into 1 which helps more daylight to flow in all day. When one window faces west and the other east, sunlight will enter the room in the afternoon and mornings too.

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